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Trade Consulting

W.G. McKay provides a full range of professional consulting and advisory services to address all facets of your company's international trading activities. With Customs placing increasing emphasis on regulatory compliance, this function is more valuable than ever before. 

W.G. McKay Limited endeavours to supply the highest level of quality service to our clients. Accuracy and consistency in the classification of your products is of the utmost importance.


The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) has recently undertaken a number of compliance-based initiatives including the Administrative Monetary Penalties System (AMPS). Accordingly, the requirements placed on importers' to meet acceptable standards of customs compliance have never been greater. We provide consulting services that address all facets related to a company's imports and exports.

We work for you - every effort is made to ensure your goods are secured at the lowest duty and tax rates possible, without compromising the fact that you may eventually be subject to a comprehensive Customs audit.

Our firm has a broad client base in all major sectors of Canadian business. This widespread knowledge-base allows us to remain current when faced with the myriad of regulatory changes issued by the Agency.

We offer a complete audit of your firm, reviewing all matters related to your import transactions and will provide a detailed outline of any possible errors, oversights, or possible refund opportunities. We include a detailed analysis of your NAFTA qualifying goods and will, whenever required, work with your North American vendors to ensure the proper documentation is presented and compliance with NAFTA is made. We also provide NAFTA record storage and advise importers, and their vendors, of expiry dates, and changes required, on all blanket certificates.