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Freight Forwarding

We take the uncertainty and complication out of international shipping for you. Regardless of where in the world your goods are coming from or going to, W.G. McKay can provide you with a complete range of solutions to meet the transport needs of your company.

Through our network of offices and worldwide partner-agents, we can help you solve the complex challenges of cross-border and international transportation. Specializing in door-to-door transportation services between your company, your suppliers and your customers, we can handle all aspects of your freight forwarding requirements.


From packing your cargo to choosing the best mode of transportation to filing necessary customs documents...and everything in between... W.G. McKay ensures that your valuable cargo moves safely, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Forwarding Group is staffed with experienced people knowledgeable in all facets of logistics. We are a registered I.A.T.A. agent, allowing us to provide a quality freight product at a competitive rate. We can arrange both inbound and outbound via road, rail, air and ocean.

The growing need for U.S. Customs service has allowed relations with our agents south of the border to grow. We have now entered into a U. S. partnership which will provide an improved service with greater control over costs and the movement of goods.