Successful for over a century!


One of Canada's oldest and most respected brokers, W.G. McKay Limited has been expediting the release of shipments across international borders for over 100 years. We take the hassle and confusion of dealing with Customs off your shoulders so you can focus on your core business.

W.G. McKay Limited has had a long and respected history servicing the needs of Canadian importers and exporters. Our ability to consistently provide a quality service is foremost based on communication. We see each client's needs and requirements as unique and tailor our efforts and procedures to fill those needs.

With the full support of our technical staff at their disposal, your account manager is capable of responding to all of your customs brokerage needs promptly and accurately. Any interim updates to the Customs Tariff are immediately analyzed and changes specifically applicable to your goods are brought to your attention.

W.G. McKay Limited participates in an Electronic Bulletin Board (E.B.B.) program that draws on information feeds not only from CBSA, but all trade-related government ministries including Finance, Transportation, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. We are notified the moment new information, regulatory and administrative changes or relevant data, potentially affecting your business is released.

The W.G. McKay Advantage


What's the difference between us and many larger firms?
Our people actually work on your account.

The fact that our service representatives deal directly with all aspects of your import shipments and interact one-one-one with your personnel affords them with a more intimate, hands-on knowledge of your products and the various regulatory and service requirements applicable to your goods. By centralizing accounts at our head office through one person assigned to your account, you can be assured that your dedicated W.G. McKay representative will be in control of all shipments arriving at both the local and national level.

Working in concert with our professional consultants and logistics specialists, our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary delays and to successfully navigate the complicated maze of domestic and global trade regulations from end-to-end.

At W.G. McKay we understand the importance of rapid customs clearance and fully realize what a pivotal role the prompt movement of goods can play in the overall success of your business. That's why we employ the industry's best trained and most experienced people and utilize the most advanced release systems available to ensure you and your customers always receive the fastest, most efficient releases possible.